Reflections of My Heart

When pen and heart become one with the love of music and graphics.




 All the poems on my site have come
straight from the heart, my heart.
Some are true life experiences,
some are fears, and some are
dreams for the future.
Thru these pages I have been able
to release the inner me. I believe
presentation is just a important as
the words I place before you.

If I  have eased just one heavy heart

planted just one thought

or  made just one heart smile

then I have accomplished

what I set out to do by allowing

my pen and heart to become one

I just hope in some way to touch
your heart and that it leaves here
with a smile and that in some way
I have possibly made this day
just a little better.

While you were visiting
I stuck a little Guardian Angel
in your pocket ...
for Love, Peace and Prosperity
Never let her go.

May you always have a full sail
with the sun upon your face
a smile in your heart and
a song  to dance you through the day

Please visit as often as you like
and bring a friend with you.
Everything is better when shared.
I will continually update
(God willing).
Remember when you leave
you take a piece of my heart with you
Please treat it with care.
If you wish to become a member
of this site just log in and fill out
the short profile. You do not
need to be a Poet  just be a fan
of the written word.
If you like or have some suggestions
on my work please take the time to
let me know by giving me feedback .
Please take the
time to sign my Guest Book
to  let me know it was you that
knocked upon my heart today 
I look forward to hearing from any
of you that care to take the time
to read all the
Reflections of My Heart

Until we meet back here again
U take care of U
God Bless
ღ KKD ღ